piatok 23. decembra 2011


POD GOLD (1997)

Date: 23.12.2011
Producer: Ubisoft Entertainment
Overall time: <2 hour
Review:What a blast. Can't play this game before (MMX technology), but even playing today was a total blast to me :)
Overall: 90 % - video
Graph notes: Great trip until some tracks ruined it all. The far you go in game, more and more design flaws will occured. Design of tracks will be more and more complicated, you will sometimes find yourself really desperate.
Buy: $ 5,99 

GOG stands for Good Old Games. It`s a webshop with old games for low prices. Games are without any DRM, spyware or Ad-ware. They are also made for running under new operating systems (like windows 7). Just pure games and fun.

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