sobota 16. februára 2008

Web pages creating - NVU and GIMP

Have you always wanted to create webpages ? Don't you have money to spend on commercial software ? Then NVU / KOMPOZER and GIMP could be the right tools for you.

What will you need ?
  • a computer
  • operating system (Windows (any version), Linux or MAC OS).
  • patience :)
  • plenty of free time :)

What will you get ?
  • 2 editors (one for graphic and one web pages creator) for free, legal and fully functional (no spyware, no time limits, no demo or trial)
  • Your webpages

NVU or KOMPOZER are the same editors (KOMPOZER is less buggy) which are complete web authoring programs for any operating system. They are WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), so everyone can do webpages without any problem. GIMP is one of the best graphic software for LINUX,WINDOWS and MAC. If you want more information about theese programs, just visit their hompages (you can find them at the beginning of this topic).

How to start ?
First of all, you need to download and install these programs. You can do that from links:
NVU Download page
KOMPOZER Download page
GIMP Download page

Just choose you operating system, download it and install it.

What next ?
This is where you have to study everything, you can find. For the beginning try this site with cool information on how to start creating your own webpages.

VideoTutorials (NVU, GIMP)
KompoZer and Nvu User Guide by Charles Cooke
Forum for user of NVU and Kompozer

P.S. Please, keep in mind, that not editor, but YOU have the power to create a good looking websites. So don't expect an easy and one-minute "wow" effect...