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Motoracer 2

Motoracer 2 (1998)

Date: 31.12.2011

Producer: Delphine Software
Overall time: <2 hour
Difficulty: Easy (championship)
Review: Better than first in every aspect. And the track editor is a must have :).
Overall: 90 % - video
Graph notes: Perfect. One thing i was really dissapoint was that smoke from tires (even in rain ???) No brakers, just fun from speed. A bit hard, but after first minute, i enjoy it really much from start to end.
Buy:  $ 5,99

GOG stands for Good Old Games. It`s a webshop with old games for low prices. Games are without any DRM, spyware or Ad-ware. They are also made for running under new operating systems (like windows 7). Just pure games and fun.

Tracks for Motoracer 2

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Clixsense - PTC (PayToClick) program

Before you start reading, remember, PTC programs will not supply your current job (don't have "big eyes" full of money in short time). The amount of money depend only on your ability to run your PTC program.

This article is about Clixsense PTC program and how does it work. Let`s see, if this PTC program will work for you. Please, be my refferal. Click on one of the banners on this article and register your account today. I give you all the information on this article just for you.

To start earnings some money with this PTC, click on the banner.

Official informations: 
Company name: ClixSense Inc.
Opened from: February 2007
Forum: Yes
Affiliates / Advertisements: Yes
Money per advert:  0,001$ to 0,2$
Garanted Ads daily: 1 (premium 4)
Minimum cashout: 10 $ (premium 8$) (some fees are applied)
Payments: weeekly on Mondays
Free  account cost: 0 $ / year
Premium account cost: 14.95 $ / year
Pay per Referral Click: (free - 0.0002$ to 0.004$)(premium - 0.0004 to $0.008)
Payments: AlertPay, PayPal, Liberty reserve, Google Checkout.
More account per household or computers: No
Alexa ratings: 870 Worldwide
Twitter account: Clixsense twitter

My experiences:
My status at FREE USER (for 14 days) - now PREMIUM USER
Numbers of adverts per day:  15 - 25 aprox.  (2-3 for 0,01 - others are from 0,001)
Earnings for 3 days (0,12 $ aprox.)
Scam or legit ? Seems legit (waiting for first payment - didn't reach the payout yet)

First steps:
So we are going to register for a new account. We need to write down all information about us (name, adress, preferred payments method, contacts etc.). Don't worry, you can change this informations later if you will move somewhere else. After succesfully registration an e-mail will come to your box just to check, if you are the one, who registered. YOU DON'T NEED TO WORRY about how many new e-mails will come to you box. This PTC program doesn't send e-mails. Only 2 messages will arive. Everything else will be under your profile on their site.

Second step:
We are registered, what now ? Just look at the toolbar of the page:

So what are you waiting for ? Click on the View Ads. There you will see some blocky panels. Just click on one of them and see next steps, what to do :)

Earning money(s)
OK, so you click on first PTC link, and new page is opened. Up, there is a frame with some symbols and timer. Down is a page, which loaded as a sponsor page.  (this frame was during winter holidays - it changes during the year with other question like click on the picture with cat). BEWARE - if you will click RANDOMLY, your account could be banned. 

You need to click the right symbol to earn some money. Do it until timer will be 0. After clicking, a new timer will be started (time, which you have to be on a site - aprox. 10 sec - depends on money for the site). Don't close the site until this banner appear.

Congratulation, you have earn your first big money :) How much you have can be checked under My account -> account summary.

It`s a grid, which give you change to earn some extra money (5$), but you have to click the right spot.

Just click somewhere in the grid, new page will open, and after 10 seconds,you will see, if you win or not. You have 25 clicks for one day. The next 25 click will be on next day. Red squares on the pictures are spots, where i was clicking. On my first day, i earn big zero :D You can also watch your history of opened pages.

ClixSense Flash Games
Well, some flash games for your enjoyment only. They will not pay as you play them. Really just as a time killer. More then 1000 games, that something great. BUT.. sometimes, they run gaming contests, so i'm really looking forward, what it could be.

ClixSense Toolbar
First of all, i hate toolbars. They mess the browser and enjoyment of browsing. Also, they are full of spyware or adverts. So why i need to install such a toolbar ? As i write earlier, you have to check, if a new PTC link didn't appear. With this toolbar, you will see, if new PTC will arrive or not. You don't need to go to site, logged in and chceck your profile. You see it all in this toolbar. It`s really worth, cause after some time, adverts will vanish. Next, there are som apps, like youtube, eBay, Player, whether, so everything, that i really doesn't use :)

Now, you can see, how much did i earn during my first hour with this service :). I have clicked 19 PTC links.

You can get new refferals by advertising. Thru the Advertise->Manage my PTC Ads you can buy some ads and then just wait for your new refferals.

ClixSense Surveys
You can also take some surveys as a part of ClixSence PTC program. First, you will fill-in entry form. From this form, they will see, which surveys will be for you. Surveys will take some time and you can earn some much money. I didn't fill in the entry form so i can't say how much will you earn from this.

So you try, how it goes, but you didn't earn any refferal. Just to think, your first sallary would be around a year is a pain. The best think you can do is to buy a premium account. To do so, just click on MY ACCOUNT and there you will see buy PREMIUM. What are the main bennefits ?

- More advertisements (also better paid)
- Welcome ADS - 100 (after your payment will be done, new 100 advertisements will popup just for you - they will be there only once and vanish only after you will click on them)
- Minimum Cashout is 8$ (10$ for STANDARD account)
- ClixGrid Timer - 5 sec. (10 sec for STANDARD account)
- 50x Clickgird chance (not 25 - so better change to win 5$)
-  better refferal payments

This are only some of the bennefits. It`s really recommended to upgrage. You will have your first sallary at shorter time, and you will paid-back your UPGRADE quick. Here is also the proof of the 100 advert, that will show after you join premium account.

As of 27.1.2012, Clixsense make another way how to make money. You can take some Tasks (sort, join, find) to earn extra money. From my first experience, i earn round 1$ round 30 minutes. 

Overall, this is really a great opportunity, how to earn some money. Site is on TOP 5 of PTC sites, so you won't be wrong to join. Clean, easy to navigate with a usefull toolbar for your money earnings. But let`s say it straight. If you have free account without any refferals, you will do your first "sallary" round next year. If you can have refferals, then it`s something else to speak. It`s better if you will upgrade to PREMIUM (really low price).

To start earnings some money with this PTC, click on the banner. 

1. I really advise to pay for PREMIUM (it`s really cheap). You will get more ads, and without refferals, you will have have it back round 5 month.
2. Get refferals - don't be affraid. It`s really easy - i will try to cover it on another article
3. Take some tasks
4. Don't sit too long before the task or advertisement.. you know, life is really about something else, that clicking on ADS ..:D

piatok 23. decembra 2011


POD GOLD (1997)

Date: 23.12.2011
Producer: Ubisoft Entertainment
Overall time: <2 hour
Review:What a blast. Can't play this game before (MMX technology), but even playing today was a total blast to me :)
Overall: 90 % - video
Graph notes: Great trip until some tracks ruined it all. The far you go in game, more and more design flaws will occured. Design of tracks will be more and more complicated, you will sometimes find yourself really desperate.
Buy: $ 5,99 

GOG stands for Good Old Games. It`s a webshop with old games for low prices. Games are without any DRM, spyware or Ad-ware. They are also made for running under new operating systems (like windows 7). Just pure games and fun.

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Megarace 1

Megarace 1 (1994)

Date: 12.12.2011
Producer: Cryo Interactive
Overall time: <1 hour
Difficulty: Normal
Review: Really great game. Sometimes hard but great.
Overall: 75 % - video
Graph notes: When you know, how to eliminate enemies, you will enjoy it till the half of the game. You would swap every car just to beat some tracks. At 80% it will go smooth without any problems, but the fun factor goes down. At the end, you would be thanksfull just for the LANCE BOYLE :)
Buy: $ 5,99

GOG stands for Good Old Games. It`s a webshop with old games for low prices. Games are without any DRM, spyware or Ad-ware. They are also made for running under new operating systems (like windows 7). Just pure games and fun.

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Motoracer 1

Motoracer 1 (with datadisk) (1997)

Date: 05.12.2011
Producer: Delphine Software
Overall time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy (championship) - normal and reversed course
Review: Even with outdated graphics, still very enjoyable
Overall: 90 % - video
Graph notes: Really goes smooth. No brakers, just fun from speed. Sometimes hard track, but it was a real pleasure to play this game from start to the end.
Buy:  $ 5,99

GOG stands for Good Old Games. It`s a webshop with old games for low prices. Games are without any DRM, spyware or Ad-ware. They are also made for running under new operating systems (like windows 7). Just pure games and fun.

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Nintendo DS WiFi Problems

For Error Code: 51300-51398

This error message is typically caused by WEP Key issues. Please read the following information:

1. Check Nintendo's router info for special notes, if available, for your router.
  • Click here to go to our Wireless Router Configuration page.
  • Use the drop-down box on the left to select, if available, your router manufacturer.
  • Click on your router's model number, if available.
  • Read any "special notes" at the top of the router's page. Many issues can be solved by changing settings described in the "special notes."

2. Are you using WEP security on your router?
  • Log into the router using the default IP (consult your router's manual for assistance)
  • If you are using 64-bit encryption, the WEP Key must be a 10-character key consisting of numbers or letters A through F.
  • If you are using 128-bit encryption, the WEP Key must be a 26-character key consisting of numbers or letters A through F.
  • The WEP Key must be a Hexadecimal (1-9, AF, no other special characters or letters).
  • Verify they are using the WEP Key in the first (# 1) slot. Even though their router may have multiple slots, the Nintendo DS is only compatible with the WEP Key in slot # 1.

3. Check to see if your router is using MAC filtering.
  • Log into the router using the default IP.
  • Find the section for MAC Filtering (typically under "Security").
  • If MAC Filtering is on ( "enabled"), enter the Nintendo DS's MAC address to the list of approved MAC address. For info on locating the DS's MAC address, click here. (For assistance with locating the MAC Filtering section of your router's setup tool, please consult the router's manual or contact the manufacturer.)
Original post

streda 9. decembra 2009

XBOX Hdd Cloning and upgrading

BEWARE - i'm not taking any responsibility for damages to your xbox or health

One day, i found something like this:

I'm selling Dreamcast and Xbox(1) for parts. Both consoles can be turned on. I have sold all the accesorries, so you will get only the consoles. Price for both 25 euros.

I own one xbox, also dreamcast but for that price, why not to buy it (if something will break).

OK. so lets check it out:

My Own XBox - DVD-Rom: Samsung, HDD-160 Gb, softmoded(XBMC)
Buyed xbox - DVD-Rom: Thomson (problems with reading media), HDD - 8 Giga, chipped (aladdin), original dashboard
Dreamcast - maybe in another article :)

There are many tutorials, on how to repair DVD drive. It started only to read burned DVD (but still have some problem to reads DVD`s at all). So you can't play any games neither watch films or play music.

What about to build a perfect multimedia center. It will have XBMC, can read from Lan, games can be stored on HDD, so you wouldn't miss the DVD Rom at all (but it have to be there `cos xbox won't run). My owned xbox can read all the DVD`s and need to upgrade HDD capacity.

We are starting

So we have 2 parts to accomplish:
1. Clone the 160 Gb HDD onto our new (250 Gb HDD)
2. Putting 160 Gb HDD into buyed Xbox without loosing single byte of data

Before we started, let`s talk about theory:
1. Your xbox won't load or run if you unplugged or damage your original HDD
2. XBOX isn't really for hotswapping (some chips can do it)
3. XBOX is using FATx not FAT nor NTFS.
4. HDD is locked to YOUR console. If your HDD will break, there is probably no chance to run that xbox again (see the 1 point) - every console has it own encryption code and lock HDD to it. That`s the only way, it will comunicate. So even you change that disk for something bigger, always store it for emergency. (maybe rewritting eeprom would help.. but i didn't try it)

4. LOCKING the DISK - as it was mentioned - every disk is LOCKED to his own console. You can unlock it and ReLOCKED it to another. We will talk about it later.

Mission 1.
Clone the 160 Gb HDD to a new 250 Gb HDD

Remember, that if you have xbmc or other FTP-like dashboard, you can easily upload a new program and then run it.

For this step, two programs have to be on the first (master) disk:
Chimp and XBPartitioner

There is a great tutorial on youtube. Just watch it, and you know how to do it.

As you can see, it`s really easy. Well, the copy process takes me about 4 hours. It also lock the HDD to the console, on which you are working, so it`s a perfect copy. Yes, too perfect. It copied also the partition table, so my G drive has the same free space, as it was on the 160 Gb.

Partition G is smaller, than it should be

There is a utility called XBPartitioner - a small utility, that will create a partition and format it.

How to do it ?
1. Run XBPartitioner
2. Look, if there is 6 and 7 partition (6. is drive F and 7. is drive G). If your HDD have more than 120 Giga, 7. partition will be created.
3. Move cursor to the 7. partition
4. Push Left or Right trigger to change the size.
5. Push Start.
6. After all has been done, double click Back button on joystick
7. Look at File Commander if G drive has the size you have chosen.

Of course, all data has been erased from G drive. But i have them on Backup, so it wasn't a problem. Problem was, that it doesn't change the partition. So how i created it ? Well, let`s call it a fortune.

1.Resized partition 7. to a smaller size,than the free space was (so not the full free space)
2. Looked thru File Commander, if it change. Yes, it change :)
3. Resized partition 7. to a full free space.

With this steps, it really works and i've accomplished this mission with great success :) Now the only task is to FTP the xbox and upload all the content that was there on partition 7. (G)

Mission 2.
Putting 160 Gb HDD into other Xbox without loosing single data

Remember, that you need to have xbmc or other FTP-like dashboard.For this step, both consoles have to be Chipped or Softmoded.
Programs needed: ConfigMagic (1.6 Final was the version i have used.), Chimp (used in previous mission).

Our task it to unlock HDD from first console and then lock it for the second console. Every console has it own code to lock and unlock drives. So if you put our disk only in second console, you won't be able to unlock it, `cos second console is using other KEY to unlock. So it won't work.

What will you need:
1. Two consoles - one from which the disk is comming and second, where the disk will be installed.
2. Both consoles have to be softmoded or chipped.
3. The second console had to have installed FTP-ed dashboard (not the MS one - XBMC or something like that)
3. HDD, which you would like to unlock and then lock.

So let`s try it on our example.
Console no. 1 - my own - Softmodded, XBMC, 250 Gb HDD (cloned in mission 1.) as a master disk
Console no. 2 - buyed - chipped, original MS Dashboard, 8 Gb HDD as a master disk
HD1 - a disk, which we would like to run on console no 2. (so he will replace the 8 Gb HDD) - 160 Gb full of data for xbox.

As you can see, console 2 has MS Dashboard, so before we are going to run Chimp, we need to replace this dashboard with xbmc or evoX. So let`s change it a little bit:

Console no.2
- buyed - chipped, XBMC, 8 Gb HDD as a master disk.

How to UNLOCK disk:
As the HD1 is comming from Console No.1, it is still locked to it. This is important.

On Console no1.
1. Unplug the new cloned disk (250 Giga)
2. Put the 160 Gb HDD back (make it master !!!)
3. Run the console (as the HDD is locked to it, it will run without any problems)
4. Run ConfigMagic (press A to speed up the intro)
5. Press Start to Continue
6. Now, it will show you your serial no, DVD drive and so on.. there is also HDD serial and something like Current HDD unlock Password - LOCKED (and a couple of letters with numbers) - thats the code.
7. Press Start - a menu will popup
8. Choose UNLOCK HDD.
9. If everything goes fine, you shoud see, that Current HDD unlock Password UNLOCKED and no letters are displayed.
10. Press Start once again and from the menu choose EXIT ConfigMagic
11. Turn off the console.

So now we have unlocked the HDD. Wasn't it easy ? :)

We will do the same as in the mission 1, until the step, where it is pushed on clone HDD.

On Console no.2 - don't forget to make HD1(160 Gb) as a slave (carefully watch the video)
1. Make all from that video (our unlocked disk will be as a new hdd in video) till the Chimp running
2. After you run Chimp, connect and power up our HD1, choose the first from menu to find new HDDs (click on 1 and yes and after that OK)
3. Go to Lock HDD (as it was also in mission 1). press OK (or yes).. you will see, if it goes right . If it will said, that ERROR - first Unlock the drive, then you have done something wrong at first console
4. Turn off your console

Now the last part. Take out the original disk from console no2. and store it in safe place. Replace it with your newly locked HDD. That`s all :)

Don't know why, but i have to open the DVD rom first, after that XBMC will load from HDD. This is the only issue, that happend :) UPDATE: The issue was, that XBMC was installed on a softmodded console. After reinstalling the XBMC for Modchip, everything run smooth and great.

If you know other way, how to done this, just write :) will be glad :) Sorry for mistakes and my baaaad english.